Sunday, 10 February 2019

RV Dreamers get together.

Our friend Dee invited us to attend an RV Dreamers get together at Lithia State Park today.  This is a group of people who have either been to an RV Dreamers rally or have been members of the RV chat room.  Now the originator of the RV Dreamers chat room pulled a fast one and shut down the original chat room without any notice, so our friend Dee set up a chat room at her own expense so we can all meet there.  It is mainly a group of old friends and is a friendly place to be every night from about 9 to 11 pm Eastern time.  If you want to come in to talk, be our guest.  You just go to the chat room and sign in as a guest.  You can use an alias if you want until you become more comfortable with the people there.  Follow this short cut to get to the CHAT ROOM. or go the long route by entering!eVC_K
Because I am a regular chatter and because I wanted to support Dee, we loaded up P & H and headed over to spend time with friends old and new.  They even had a theme cake.

When we arrived, look who was waiting for us.  It's our friend Ed!!  This is the second time this week we have run into him and Lessie.

We enjoyed our afternoon sitting around in the nice warm weather chatting.  Everyone brought some snacks and a plate to pass for lunch.  It was an awesome meal.

There were about 30 people there so it was a nice little gathering.  We met some interesting people and if we were asked their names, we probably couldn't remember them.  I do know that Kelly organized it and she did a good job.

About 3 we folded up our chairs and said our goodbye's and headed home.  It was a gorgeous evening and we have sure enjoyed our time here.  We will be moving out tomorrow.  Here was the view out our window tonight.

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  1. I wished we would have had more time to meet and talk at the RV Dreams get together. I did get to spend some time with your dog however, who seemed to take a shine to me!


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