Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Touring Three Lakes

Today is the last day for us here at Three Lakes so Gary took H and I for a tour of the back country.  He has been here for 25 winters so he knows what there is to see.  Wished he had taken the kids for a tour a couple days ago because they were dying to see alligators and did not see any.  He loaded us up in his pickup in the afternoon and off we went to search out anything interesting.

First stop was the canal where the locks are to control the water.  We saw a couple small gators there sunning themselves and just the eyes of mama.  By the time I got my phone out she sunk under the water.

He then took us down to the lake and we spent a long time standing there just listening to all of the sounds and looking at all the different water birds.  I sometimes wish I was a photographer and could have captured what we saw, but you will just have to believe me when I say it was awesome.

A little farther up the road was a favourite alligator spot and sure enough there were 2 big guys sunning on the beach.  They were about 12 feet long and by the time I took the picture, one had slipped into the water.  He was sitting just to the right in the picture, in the water with just 2 eyes sticking out.

It was a nice afternoon and we could see that the shadows were lengthening so we headed for home.

Gary stopped just long enough to get a nice sunset picture on the way home.  I just got a picture of Gary getting his nice picture. lol

The girls went to bingo in town so I have to sneak a picture of Pat and Jean in here.  Sue didn't win anything, so thats it, no more bingo for her!!!

I did get not a bad sunset picture from our window, so here is our view tonight:

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