Friday 1 February 2019

Time to go home.

Well our stay at Fort Wilderness Campground has come to an end.  It was sort of nice being hooked up to all of the services, but really, what do we need them for.  We only opened the sewer hose this morning for the first time and didn't really need the city water if our tanks were full.  It was nice to have power on the cool nights with the baby here because we could run the electric heater all night.  I guess we just like to be on our own too much to appreciate being crammed in a park.  I can't really say that we were crammed here, but we still had close neighbours and lots of rules to follow.  We did it to be close to Disney for our kids to enjoy, mainly.  It think they had a good time.

One of the freebies we got with our stay here was a free round of golf for all of us at the Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf at the Epcot Center.  We left our campsite and parked the Ponderosa in the overflow parking and caught a bus to Epcot. We thought we had a couple hours to kill so why not?  Well our adventure took about 5 hours instead.  From the bus we had to walk about half a mile to catch a boat.

And of course the typical Disney picture along the way.

After about a half hour on the boat and 3 different stops, we arrived at the Boardwalk.  We found out that the golf course was way across the other side of the river near the first stop.  After a long walk down the boardwalk, and over the bridge and along a long path, we arrived at a playground where we relaxed while Grace played.

Then another shorter walk and we were at the golf course.  

Because we own a mini golf course back in Canada, we thought we would get some great ideas here to apply to our course.  If I tell you that after 8 holes we were so bored that we quit, would you figure out how many ideas we got.  Thats right, none.  It was a complete waste of time and I would have been cranky if I had paid.  Oh well, we did it!!

This was the best hole and you went inside a mountain.

Max helped mom play a few holes.

We did enjoy our walk on the boardwalk and had a nice lunch and some treats afterwards.

What would you choose?  I chose carrot cake.
Then off to wait, and wait, and wait on our bus home.  It seemed to take forever.  All those buses on the other side were just sitting there doing nothing.  They had drivers but I guess they were spares.  We were going to try to bribe one into taking us home.

It was a tired bunch that headed back on the bus to where the Ponderosa was parked.

Greg and Grace and I headed out in the Ponderosa for the 65 kilometer drive back to Three Lakes WMA.  It was rush hour and took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there.  Sue and Kaitlyn and Grace took the Jeep and stopped to pick up some food on the way home.

Co-pilot Grace
Because it was dark when we got there I will show you the view out our window before we broke camp from Camp Wilderness today.  We will miss it.


  1. Looks like Grace had a great time!!! Like you, Riley and I are happier out in the wilderness. However it was nice for all of you to have some time together and enjoy the family time.

  2. Big difference between Fort Wilderness and the real wilderness, isn't there! But it still looks like you all had a good time, and that's what counts! Have you guys put off heading north a little bit with all that cold? I still can't believe it to get as cold as they're saying that it's gotten. Wow! You all be safe and 🎶Happy Trails to you, until we meet again!🎶

  3. We enjoy the open spaces for a while but we also enjoy having our hookups. Good thing we aren't all the same or the boondocking experience would be different with close neighbours!!!! Can't imagine that happening though. haha
    Looks like fun with Gracie, everyone had a great Disney experience.

  4. We have enjoyed Disney years ago. Glad you had fun and now to head on home soon. We prefer boo docking as well and the wide open spaces.


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