Wednesday 27 February 2019

A Little Rain

Not much happening in our lives right now.  We are just enjoying sitting and relaxing and waiting and waiting.  I have lots to do right now.  Back home they are starting to gear up for another busy construction season and there are lots of things that need to be done from an administrative point of view.  My boss Tanis keeps giving me projects because she knows I like to make up spreadsheets.  Today was a new Quotation sheet to make Kyles life easier.

Meanwhile outside the rain is falling and slowly filling up the little pond we have next to us.  It is really making the grass turn nice and green.

While I was doing the computer thing, Sue headed out to check out a few of the stores that she wanted to see and that I had no interest in,  She went to some Health food store and found this orange for me to try.  It was quite expensive and tasted like an orange.  It did have a really rich orangy taste to it, but not enough to warrent the extra money in my books.

Here is a picture from yesterday and as you know I like to find crazy things about bathrooms.  Well I found this in Best Buy if you can believe it.  You know how Best Buy is this big sparkly clean bright high tech store on the outside.  Although the bathroom itself was quite clean, they don't seem to pay much attention to the little things in the bathroom.  This was the door on the way into the mens bathroom and it was disgusting!

And that was our day.  The view out our window today was a soggy one.

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