Sunday 3 February 2019

Off to the beach

We have waited all week for warm weather and this is the last day before the kids go home so it had to be a nice day.  It started out overcast but warm, so we headed off for Melbourne Beach.  Now I shouldn't tell you this but here goes anyway.  Our jeep has seat belts for 5, and with 2 of us and 4 kids that makes 6 plus a dog!!    Its an hour to the beach and we didn't want to take 2 vehicles so guess what??

See that little space in there?  Looks like just enough room to jam in a grandpa.   So in I went, just me and the dog.

Here was my view from back there.

By the time we got there the clouds were mostly gone but the foggy hazy salty air was still hanging about.  It turned into a beautiful beach day and both Kaitlyn and I lost our glasses when we were horsing around in the water and a rogue wave hit us from behind.  We had just mentioned that we should go in to shore and take them off.  Too late.  Good thing we both have spares.

We really enjoyed the day at the beach and came home with a bit of a tan and a smile on our face and sand in some places that sand shouldn't go.
This was the view out our window tonight:


  1. Even with over cast looked like a good time. Miss you all.

  2. Any day at the beach is a good day.

  3. Too bad about the glasses but oh and learn. Glad everyone had a wonderful day!!!

  4. Good thing you had spare glasses! It sounds like a great day and I'll remain hush hush about the illegal seating arrangements! :)

  5. Nothing like a great beach to spend a day. Better than Rivers for sure!
    Keep enjoying!


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