Saturday, 2 February 2019

Craft day

We have had a lot of good times at Disney and so we thought today we would just hang around the Ponderosa and do fun stuff with the kids.  We have a nice spot which is sort of away from the circle of trust, but that also means it is quieter.  We are still only a few steps from the inner circle if we wish to go there.

I sat around lots today and took in Graces antics and did nothing.

Sue had promised Grace some crafts so the two of them made some sort of splash painting.  It is neat because they just pour paint on a canvas and swirl it all around and it looks quite neat. it did take some supervision to keep the paint off of the patio mat.

Grace enjoyed doing it and here was her masterpiece.  Its not hard to see that Kaitlyn is actually in charge of this kindergarten class!!

After craft time, it was time to round up all of the stuff we will need for our excursion to the beach tomorrow.  Even a 40 ft motor home is not really big enough for 6 people to live in so there is stuff everywhere.

Charlie and I went for a walk and of course we had to detour by Gary and Jean's for a doggie treat.  Charlie knows everywhere he can get a treat.

Here was the view out our window tonight:


  1. A very nice masterpiece. A talented little girl. It looks like a good time was had by all. Relaxing days are my specialty, although it looks like you've got it mastered as well. Enjoy the beach.

  2. That is a really neat idea. I beat butter cup and katniss would love that. So cool that you guys are having a good time and getting to see the grandkids. Really love the movie idea. Was really fun at the campground last year. I will be thinking of you guys at the beach. We will be snow blowing lol.


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