Thursday, 14 March 2019

A Day on the Beach

We took a relaxing day on the beach today.  A short walk in the morning, then just lazing on the beach.  This is such a gorgeous spot to do that.  The sand is white and squeaks when you walk on it.  the Gulf is beautiful.

It is spring break time down here so there are airplanes flying by advertising the local eating and drinking establishments.  We are quite a distance from the party central.  Probably 3 miles down the beach to where it all happens.

Jerry and Megan and Kensie arrived this afternoon to spend time with their parents and grandparents Terry and Diane.  They came from North Bay Ontario where the snow is crazy this year so it wasn't long and they had the shorts on and were romping in the sand.

Another great day and this was the view out our other window today:


  1. Looks like an awesome place to spend a beach day!

  2. I love the white sand. Biloxi and Gulfport also have that lovely white sand.
    Looks as if the Northern Ontario folks are enjoying the sun and the warmth!!!


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