Thursday, 28 March 2019

A Ferry Ride to Magnolia Beach

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas               

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas

We had a nice night at Winnie in the fair grounds and all met in the morning for happy hour.  We are trying to figure out what is happening to John and Val and their repair.  We thought if they were going to be fixed this morning, that we would wait for them to catch up, but they said they needed a part that would not be in until afternoon so we decided we were not doing them any good sitting here, so we may as well move along.  We drove for about an hour before we got to the Galveston Island Ferry.  This is a free ferry service and will be the first time some of the Motorhomes in our group have been on a ferry.  Pretty exciting.

Only us and Ed and Lessie got on the first Ferry and this was the view out our front window.

I headed upstairs to get a good look down on the Ponderosa.  You can see really well from up there.  

Front view

Ponderosa and Roundtuit

Behind us
This is a picture of the ferry going the other way.  

I always get a kick out of speed signs that work.  Speed limits if put in normal denominations like 10 mph or 25 mph don't really catch your attention, but 7 mph???  What the heck???  Got my attention and it said to me SLOW!!!!   Worked.

The rest of the trip was a slow meandering drive all through a very pretty part of Texas.  We saw timber lands, swamp lands, farm land, irrigation, The Gulf of Mexico, ships, Cruise liners, tractors and some road kill.  That is what we want as we travel this great land, lots of good scenery at a leisurely pace.

I think it floats
We stopped for fuel in Freeport at a Buc-ees.  Ed told us this was the original Buc-ees.  There are a lot of them in Texas now and some real big ones.

Farther down the road we saw something that seemed strange.  I think this guy was trying to hold up the light post. The other guy must be the foreman because he is not doing a darn thing.  Hope he doesn't have to hold it for very long.

We have been getting some negative feedback about Magnolia Beach of social media lately and we have been trying hard to figure out if the talk is real or just someone trying to stir up some action.  We arrived to find the beach quite busy but not full, and it seems like everyone is living in harmony.  We hope to have some fun here, and do some interesting things when we are not soaking up some sun on the beach.  This was our route today.

Here is the view out our window today.


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