Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Moving on down the Road

WHERE ARE WE?           Winnie, Texas              

NEXT DESTINATION?     Magnolia Beach, Texas

Today was a travel day.  We will be leaving Chuck and Angie behind because they are heading to see their son in Alabama, and we will be heading west on our migration home.  We will have a convoy on this trip because Pat and Harold, John and Val, Jerry and Deb, and Ed and Lessie will be coming along with us. We will miss those two because they are fun to be with.  Chuck is always up to something and Angie's smile never ends.

Chuck holding the tree apart

Just as we were about to leave I looked over and saw that the happy hour chair numbers had dwindled.  We wish them well and safe travels.

We said our goodbye's and off we went.

We decided to make some miles today rather than seeing the country, so we headed out on I-12 which soon turned into I-10.   There is a lot of bridges and road construction and rough roads this way but that was the price we pay to move at a fast pace. Also the roads were in terrible shape in places and shook the living daylights out of us.

Somewhere before Beaumont we lost John and Val.  They had some troubles with their motorhome and will need a mechanic to look at it tomorrow.  We hope their repair is quick and doesn't break the bank.  Hope they will catch up to us at Magnolia Beach.  This was our travels today:

We found a nice spot to spend the night at Winnie TX.  It was in their fair grounds and was a nice quiet spot to sleep.  I forgot a picture out the window so here is where we are parked.


  1. Looks like we should definitely be in the same neighborhood over the next two weeks or so... looking forward to meeting up.

  2. Always fun to have friends along the way!

  3. Chuck and I miss you guys already. Love the pic of our chairs, lol.


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