Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A Short Move

It was cloudy here all day yesterday so we didn't really think much about the position of the Ponderosa with regard to the sun.  Sure enough, we were parked just in the perfect spot so that we will be in the shade all day!!  So it was time to reposition.  We just had to back around the corner and get out of the shade.  Here is where we ended up.  Thats us on the far side.  Pretty nice eh???

So today we have had fun texting back and forth with our daughter Sheri and all the grand kids out in Bentley Alberta.  Some how they managed to get set up with one of the luxury ice fishing shacks on Gull Lake.  Gull Lake Fishing Charters is the name of the company that rents out these things.  They look very much like a normal ice shack until you go in them.

Now the rig I am going to show you is nothing like the shacks I am used to.  The traditional shacks are dark with a wood stove and pails to sit on.   This thing is like living at home, in fact they get to spend the night in it.  When you walk in there is a kitchen and table just like an RV.

At the other end is the bedroom/fishing area.  There are bunk beds to sleep on and the holes in the floor are for fishing.

Donovan, Joey, Dani, Rio. 
There is a big monitor on the wall that watches your hooks on the bottom.  They get to see a fish when it comes after the hook.  How neat is that.  Here comes one now!!!

Not a bad catch!!!

By all the texts going back and forth today, I would say they had a great time.  It will be neat to see how the sleepover goes.  Rio and Dani have switched to movie watching, but Joey and Donovan are still hard at it.

We enjoyed watching them and think this is such a good idea.  I'm not sure how much it cost but I bet they had as much fun today as they would have at any Disney Park!!!  Good job Sheri and Gord!!

Another day behind us and this was the view out our window after our window today:


  1. Wow, I've never seen an ice shack like that. Hahaha. What an adventure!!

  2. Now that's a great way to ice fish. No shivering in the cold!

  3. Now that is a fancy ice shack, those kids will remember that for the rest of their lives!

  4. I would have to agree that is one fancy ice fishing shack. What a pretty spot you are parked at.

  5. Not anything like the shacks we used to fish in.


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