Monday, 18 March 2019

Back with the Gang

Its a little bit chilly today but what the heck, it is still winter in the south!!!   Chilly for us is anything under 18C.   We have absolutely nothing planned for today other than relaxing and catching up.  We are all set up in the square circle again and just waiting on Ed and Lessie to get here to close up side 4.

Happy hour was in front of the Ponderosa just like old times.  Hoodies and long pants was the dress code of the day but we toughed it out.

Charlie and Lexi were enjoying getting to know each other again too.  Lexi just wants to be his little girlfriend but Charlie just ignores her most of the time.  But if another dog comes along, Charlie will get quite growly protecting Lexi from harm.  Charlie hasn't forgotten how to make the rounds and get his treats either.  Chuck even bought some carrots for him. 

I took a little walk down to the Pearl River to see what I could see. Its only a couple hundred yards from where we are parked right now. There is a river tour company operating there and I think we will probably take a tour this week.  

We are currently at the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area Campground which is right off I-10 and we are enjoying our stay here.  It will certainly be a place we visit every time we are traversing the I-10 corridor.  

The view out our front window tonight of our friends Chuck and Angie:


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