Saturday 9 March 2019

Visiting Gary and Jean

Our friends that we met in Three Lakes this winter are on the move and have made their way to Zephyrhills FL.  They are staying at the Elks Club there so we thought we would go spend the day with them.  The Elks have RV spots with power and water but Gary and Jean don't really need either one.

They are right across the road from the lodge and they tell us they have good food there.  We didn't need to go there because Jean cooked us some delicious burgers.

We must have been close to the airport because all day long there were planes towing gliders up and releasing them right over us.  Very interesting to watch.

While we were sitting there visiting some noisy birds came and sat on the power lines.  They looked a lot like the budgie birds that we would see in a cage at home.  And that is apparently what these are except that they have flown the coop and become wild Parakeets.  They have adapted to this area because it is warm enough for them.  They are known as the black hooded parakeet. 

All in all it was a nice day with friends and we hope that our paths cross again soon.  Because they have spent a lot of years coming to Florida, they are very knowledgeable and we thank them for sharing some of what they know with us.  Safe Travels!!

The view out the window today is of a bus in the parking area across from us waiting to be fixed here.  It must have to go really close to the mountains because it is all set up with guards on the windows to keep out the falling rocks!!  What do you think?? lol


  1. Hahaha....yep I agree, it's a mountain bus alright!!! I wouldn't have guessed that those little rocks could cause so much damage but I guess they would know from experience and that explains the small openings in the window bars.
    What a wonderful day you folks had, nice to catch up with friends!!!
    Maybe those noisy birds were telling ya something, after all birds of a feather and all that stuff. Haha Good luck today!!!

  2. That's funny seeing all those budgies flying around instead of in a cage!


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