Tuesday, 12 March 2019

On the Road Again, Finally.

Well we had our last sleep in Camp Cummins.  This morning Rich was getting the bill together for us and then we could hit the road.  It has been a long time here but we have enjoyed it.  Got to do some things we never would have otherwise.  Changes in plans yield some of the best experiences.  Right from the time I fired up this morning, I knew that the Ponderosa had never run right since we replaced the pump back in November.  There must have been something that wasn't quite right in there all along.  It had no power or get up and go then and I even remember how I had to crank it more than normal to start it.  This morning it fired right up and had that healthy sound to it.  So glad we got this problem fixed up.  So around 10:00 we headed off on our next adventure.

It is so nice to have this view out our window again.  One of our favourite things is moving day.  We love to see what is around the next corner.

Speaking of around the corner, Spring is around the corner and although we have had summer like temperatures here in Florida for most of the winter, the trees are starting to show us their spring foliage colours.

We are going to backtrack the route we took earlier on our trip down because it follows the Gulf of Mexico all along.  We never tire of the water.

We travelled as far as Apalachicola FL where Sue found us a little spot down by a marina to park for the night.  It is right by the water.  We feel like a troll living under the bridge for the night.

The marina is interesting and has a true blue house boat parked there.  A real house on pontoons.  

And there are airboat tours to see alligators in a little lake not far from here.  $65 a person...no thanks.

Sue and I took a little walk downtown and saw the sights.  A nice hotel right on the corner by the marina caught our eye.  Love these quaint little places.

We went into a little garden store to look around.  I found out that Sue and I have different tastes in things to put on the mini golf course back home.  She came up with these big feet!

While I came up with this with the big...… nice dress.

We compromised and bought nothing.  A little further down the road we saw a young couple catching something in a little garden by the sidewalk. 

She caught a little lizard of some kind.  He was a cute little fellow but she said he would love to bite her.

We stopped by a little micro brewery and looked in just to see if we could see our friends Rowdy and Missy.  I didn't see them so I'm guessing this is one they haven't discovered yet. 

And now a little quiz for my history buffs.  On our walk we saw the court house.  Very nice building but it had something weird about it. 

See the writing way up there?  Can anyone tell me why they used a V instead of a U when they inscribed the name.  I promise I have not googled it because I'm waiting for someone to tell me.

Anyhow that was our day and this is the view out our window tonight.


  1. So nice to get back on the road again, like you we love our travel; days. Glad to hear your Ponderosa is feeling much better. Travel safe

  2. Wow, that was a long pit stop. Hopefully it didn't cost too much more money.

  3. One thing we would definitely agree with, most times the "detours" are the most fun. Hopefully, this one did not cost to much. Sounds like it feels great to be moving. Like the spot Sue found to spend the night.

  4. So glad you are back on the road and the Ponderosa is running good! And no idea why they used a "V".

  5. we are tickled pink to be rollin!! so there are no historians in the house??

  6. I don't recall all the points but if memory serves me I think Latin had no letter U in the alphabet. Eventually a u was added but only used in the lower case form for a long time and the V was still used in the UPPER CASE form. So often times depending on the style of building or writing the letter V will appear in Roman type writings instead of the letter U. Or I could be totally wrong. LOL

    Glad you folks are back on the road once again. Always nice to see around the next corner. I agree with Sue, the feet are a much better choice.
    A beautiful spot to spend the night. Safe travels!!!

    1. I broke down and did a little research and you are bang on. The letter U did not exist in Roman times and with Latin being so important in our history, many government agencies opted to use the Roman spelling to give it the pomp and pageantry it deserved.

  7. Great to hear all is working as it should. Safe travels.

  8. Thanks Bill. I should have called it way back in Wisconsin, but was assuring myself as I drove that it would get better. NOT!!!

  9. Yay! On the road again! Glad things are all fixed up now. You just never know how bad things are until after you get a good repair. :)
    Interesting about the V and the U.


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