Tuesday 5 March 2019

Good News!

When we sent our Injector Pump back to the rebuilder up in Dubuque IA on Friday, we were told that it would be delivered on Wednesday.  Well guess what?  We checked this morning and it was delivered at 9:25 this morning!!   Now we hope they can get it rebuilt and get it on the way back to us.

We decided to head out and look at some RV's at the dealers around here.  I'm not sure why but Florida does not have many used units.  In Arizona you can find used RV lots all over.  Well what the heck, we don't mind looking at new ones either.   Lots of walking and you would be bored if I showed you all that we looked at.  Here is a nice little Class A gas model.  We are finding that a shorter Class A has way more room than a Class C of equal length.

We are not about to buy one yet but the more you look the more you figure out.  We have always ignored ones with bunk beds but hey, you can turn them into an office with minor modifications, or use them for storage when the grandkids are not here.

Bottom line is this.  The price tag on this unit new is $89,900.00 USD.  And we could get maybe $30,000.00 for the Ponderosa so the difference would be $60,000.00.  Sounds like a great deal right?  Hold on lets figure this out.  Exchange would amount to $20,000.00 so that is $80,000.00 CND.  Oh yes and although we wouldn't have to pay tax down here,  there would be 13% tax on top of that back in Canada.  So that is $10,500.00.  Now we are up to $90,500.00!!   Oh and there are all the other things that are added on... So we would have to write a cheque for almost $100,000.00.   Hmmm we both came back to Ponderosa and said, we love our home and may have to keep it for a while or set our sights a lot lower on what we are going to buy.  Maybe some stealth camping in a car would work.

Our view has changed a little today.  The neighbour came back!!


  1. We would never buy new. Good thing that many people do though! I know, you were just looking. Just for some perspective, we spent $12,500 USD on Sherman almost 12 years ago.

    1. We envy how frugal you guys are. But remember you own 2 RV's LOL I could never compete but Sue and I were talking about our expectations and they are waaaaaaay lower than new. We love to change up our home and its not a good thing to do in one you are concerned about selling farther down the road.

  2. They are nice to look at but too rich for our blood too. Hopefully your part gets rebuilt and back to you quickly.

  3. That cost almost for a semi and trl ...yikes...nope I will buy a 5th wheel thank you
    But hope you guys get back on the road soon...

  4. Oh I definitely think the stealth camping in "that" car is the way to go ... that was too funny!

  5. Just think of the cost of fuel you could save by going Stealth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy what you have.

    It's about time.


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