Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Mighty Oak

So I have always wondered why the poets and writers of old would refer to "The Mighty Oak".   Manitoba has a lot of oak trees but they are not all that mighty.  They are very gnarly and harbour lots of wood ticks but they are actually on the small side.  Well that is not so down in these parts.  The oak trees here are huge with great crooked limbs and a lot of them are probably 50 or more feet tall.  Some of them are 60 or 80 feet across at the top and the trunks of the trees would take 4 or 5 people to reach around it.  So now I know the origin of "The Mighty Oak"!

One of the things about the oak is that they provide shade if you want it.  Morning happy hour is partly in the sun and partly in the shade.

Today was a work day around the Ponderosa.  Sue is going to finish painting in the kitchen so the cupboards all got torn apart.

I worked all day on the computer doing safety stuff getting ready for another crushing season.  Its amazing how I can work on the cloud and its just like I am in the office back home.

The view out our window is of some more oaks.

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