Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Panama City Beach

We headed out on our last leg of this adventure this morning.  We are heading to Panama City Beach to spend some time with Uncle Terry and Aunt Diane.  They spend 3 months in a condo on the beach and whenever we pass by, we like to spend time with them.  Their kids and grandkids will be arriving later in the week so we will get to see them as well.  It will be a little family reunion!

On our way there we passed through Mexico Beach which was the little seaside town that was hit so bad by the hurricane last fall.  We came through here in late November on our way south and the destruction was very heart wrenching.  They have been working away cleaning up for about 3 months since then and there is a long long way to go yet.  I can't imagine the amount of money it will take to put this all back together.

There used to be a whole row of houses here and it looks like this was the only one they felt was good enough to salvage.

And of course McDonalds needs to get a new sign.  

It didn't take long for us to get to Panama City Beach and find the Park where we will be staying.  This is one of those rare times where we pay the price just to have things handy.  It is right across the road from Uncle Terry's so we can leave Charlie in the Ponderosa while we go visit.  Charlie is welcome on the beach, just no pets allowed in the condo's themselves.

Now if you remember yesterday, I asked about why the V in the Court House sign and Deb who writes a blog known as  A Long Lonesome Highway  gave me her thoughts in the comments section, so I went to my friend Google and he agreed with her.  Here is what he said.

We can thank the ancient Romans for the fact that we have covnty covrthouses' instead of `county houses' The alphabet that most of the world uses today was developed by the ancient Romans, except that it did not contain J, U or W as separate letters. "This situation changed in medieval times, when the consonant value of I became its own letter. 3 and V was divided into U, V and W. Hence, ILIVS means Julius, and as you have guessed COVNTY is how the Romans would have spelled county. "This is yet another one of the endless examples of Roman influences on Western language, architecture, law and culture. And to think that some people called Latin a dead language."

Now the ironic thing about all of this was what I saw as I pulled into our park in Panama Beach!!  Could it be that we have found a Roman V Resort???  I guess they haven't caught up to this hurricane damage yet because the park is in really great shape otherwise.

We have an awesome little spot surrounded by great shiny expensive rigs.  Its kinda like a little experience of the Rich and Famous!!

Pretty little flower gardens everywhere.

And a dog park for Charlie to play with other dogs.  He loved playing with this Aussie!

We headed across the street and spent some time with Uncle Terry and Aunt Diane.  They have a nice condo right on the beach.

We went for a big walk on the beach with them and then joined them for supper.

As usual, I missed the supper picture before supper so maybe my new tradition will be of the after meal picture.

Another good day and here is what we see out our window today:


  1. Looks like a pretty fancy RV Park! Have fun :-)

  2. Haha....glad I got that right. I enjoy history and while in the south east I too wondered about the V instead of the U and checked it out. I spent a lot of time exploring the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement for a couple of winters.


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