Saturday 10 November 2018

A Little Setback

Rodger was back at 8 am on this Saturday morning to work on getting us on the road.  Pinks Automotive is closed on Saturdays but Roger, Steve, and AJ all showed up to help get us on the road. We sure appreciate their kindness to work on their day off.  The injector pump on the Ponderosa is jammed in the back with lots of stuff around it and is difficult to work on.  You have to be like a pretzel.

While Roger was busy buttoning up the injector pump AJ took us for a tour of his toy sheds.  This is where he stores all his project vehicles.  He has some neat ones.  He also stores project vehicles and snowmobiles for his employees.  Kind of a perk for them.

While there, Sue spotted a couple old barn boards and asked AJ if she could have them.  I wonder what will become of them?

Roger and Steve got everything put together around lunch time and we fired up.  Because there is lots of air and algae gunk in the lines it took a long time for the engine to level out.  Long enough that we were all wondering if something was still wrong.  Roger got all the codes cleared finally and it was time for a test drive.  The MH ran perfect.  No black smoke, no surging or hesitations, just a steady purr.  We went about 5 miles with no problems.  So we headed back to the shop with the intention of looking at and possibly changing the air filters again if needed.

We pulled back in the shop and were checking around when Steve saw a little puddle of oil on the floor at the back under the engine.

We thought at first that it was from the oil change that I had them do yesterday, but after further inspection we realized that it was coming from the injection pump.  It is obvious that something happened to the seal when the pump was being installed.  Because it is such a tight area, it is totally possible that it go nicked or something.  This is not good news, because this will involve 4 or 5 hours work pulling out the pump and re-installing.  I told AJ that we all need to back away and leave it for the weekend and continue the fix on Monday.  He agreed and we decided to call it a day.  Time for Happy Hour now!!!

We are ok with staying here because it is quite cool outside for a couple days so while we are tucked away nice and cozy in the shop the cool weather will be passing and hopefully some more moderate temperatures will be around when we get out of here early next week.

Steve invited us to join him and his wife for supper at the Tower Junction in Montfort WI.  Its about 20 minutes from Lancaster and is a restaurant and bowling alley.  It was a very busy place.

We were not interested in bowling but we were sure hungry. We met Steve and Sues daughter Shawna and their two grandchildren Bella and Kesa who were already there.   My Sue enjoyed having the little ones there because it was like a little grandkid fix for her. We had a nice supper and a great visit again tonight.  Thanks for including us in your family outing.

I think she is a grampas girl
We headed back to our indoor campground about 8.  We now have our own Jeep parking spot outside.

Here was our new view out our window tonight.

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  1. Wow, nice folks there to do all this work for you and take you out for dinner. Good luck!!!



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