Saturday 24 November 2018

Santa is officially here.

Today was a do nothing day.  Sometimes I feel like I am failing when I do nothing and especially after I read a lot of the blogs I follow and see all of the neat things people are doing. Our friends Kevin and Ruth are a good example.  Almost every day they explore something generally on foot and most often up a big hill.  Today they went sand sledding somewhere in New Mexico.  Rick and Kathy braved the Black Friday crowds and went shopping, Patsy climbed a mountain, and George packed his bags to leave on a cruise, before cooking up a great supper.  Deb and Riley were like me and admitted to not doing a whole lot.   Take some time and check all of my blog friends out.  They do some very interesting things.

I did get Santa up on the roof and working.

Sue has been working hard to make our house into a Christmas theme and she is succeeding.  I do admit that it is quite nice.  I am not sure my stocking will be big enough!!

Here is what Santa looks like after dark.  He lights up pretty good on top of the Ponderosa.  I hope I can remember to take him down when we move.

We tried cooking some hamburgers in our cast iron frying pan in the fire tonight.  It worked quite good and we had quite a discussion about how the settlers way back when must have felt cooking all their meals over an open fire.  The hamburgers turned out great and we will do this again.

After we went in for the night the fog rolled in and the moon came out.  It made for a real eerie feeling when I took Charlie out for his evening walk later.  We are watching a series on TV about a serial killer, and I admit I was looking over my shoulder the whole time we were walking.

Here was the view out our window tonight:


  1. I'm sure Charlie will protect you!

  2. Thanks for the shout! Love the Christmas decorations, very festive. Cast Iron fry pans are amazing aren't they?


  3. The decorations look great! And silly you watching a show about serial killers and then going outside, you are a braver person that I am :-)


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