Friday 9 November 2018

Snowfall #8

We woke up this morning still in the climate controlled shop.  It was about 68 degrees inside the Ponderosa and in the shop as well.  It was NOT 68 degrees outside.  When Charlie and I headed outside we were in for a shock.  Yes this is the 8th snowfall we have experienced this fall.  We need to get some miles under us and get to where its warm.

Today was a waiting day.  Our injection pump is at the rebuild shop and they are going to phone us when it is close to ready.  So we just hung around the MH and I even snuck in a nap.  About 1:30 Adeline called BK's and they told us to head on down to pick it up.  So we jumped in the Jeep and headed to Dubuque.  Still snow on the hood.

We made it back to the shop about 4:30 pm with the pump, and Roger went right to work on installing it.  He worked until about 6 on it and then headed for home with the intention of finishing up the install in the morning.  We felt both bad and blessed that these guys would give up some of their weekend to get us going.  We will probably not see Mary and Adaline again so we said our goodbyes.  These gals run the front office of Pinks Automotive and along with AJ, find all the parts we will need.  Thanks for your efforts.

Mary and Adeline
Another one of the mechanics that works here invited us to join his girlfriend and himself for supper.  It is fish Friday so we headed down to the Lancaster Golf and Country Club for some good food.  

It is interesting to find out that it doesn't matter where you go there are people who hold much the same values as us.  This was the case with Steve and Sue.  Thanks for taking us out and for your company.  We enjoyed it very much.

There were some interesting vehicles in the shop tonight.  Matt, the guy I went to the dairy farm with, has a towing company, and he does all the dead vehicle pickups for Pinks.  He has a nice tilt deck truck to do the job.  His company name is Arrow Towing.  Check him out on Facebook.

Another mechanic, Jeremy, had his wife's, Chevy station wagon in the shop.  He was washing it up getting in ready for winter storage.  Nice car.  Most of the guys that work here have some vintage or hot rod vehicles.

Here are some photos to show how we are jammed in here and as it turned out we can put all our slides out so we are super comfy.

We are hoping to be on the road tomorrow sometime, but we will miss our barndominium type accommodation.

And as usual here is the view from our window tonight:


  1. You guys sure lucked out with that shop! It's a good thing it's starting to snow or you may have a hard time leaving all your new friends :-)

  2. Such wonderful people. Glad this is working so well for you and Sue.


  3. Amazing people! I'm glad you're staying warm. It's supposed to be 25°F here tonight. Brrrr!

  4. How lucky you two are to have found a shop that really cares about their customers. That unfortunately is not always the case. Sounds like you have met some amazing people.
    Hope you are back on the road traveling towards warmer weather. Safe travels.

    Celebrating the Dance


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