Saturday 17 November 2018

The Ponderosa Ranch

The Ponderosa is now a full fledged ranch.  Today a bunch of horse people moved in and set up corrals and trailer barns and feeders and tack stations and we are now a real working ranch.  I love when stuff like this happens and the action increases.   Horse people are generally friendly and love to show off their animals so it should be an interesting few days coming up.

Charlie says "If you lend me an ear, we will tell you about our new ranch!"  Well its not really a ranch and its not really ours but we will tell you the story.

We all gathered at around 9 am for morning Happy Hour to discuss the plan for the day.  We want to go to the Gulf and sit on the beach, but we are figuring maybe we are too lazy today.  We talked about it for a long time and came to now conclusion, so here we are enjoying the sun.

It wasn't long and our first visitor showed up.  Pat is a horse girl from way back so she loves to see them.  Our neighbours seem to love to show them off as much as they can.

The girls headed to Walmart in the afternoon to stock up on supplies and Harold and Chuck and I went for a little walk down a horse trail.  We went about a mile in total and soon realized just how out of shape we are.

Later in the afternoon some of our neighbours dropped by and invited us over to have a look at their horse trailer/living quarters.  Now none of these pictures do justice to their units because they are absolutely gorgeous.  This one has to be at least 40 ft long and is pulled by a Peterbuilt Quad cab unit.  

The first one was fancier than any 5th wheel I have ever been in.  The total height of the unit it 13'8" so the interior ceiling has to be 11 feet or better.  There is even a loft bedroom with its own TV up there.

If you notice there are 4 big steps going up to the bathroom and bedroom in the front.  It is quite spacious up there.

The guy does some pretty nice finishing wood work and has added some metal work as well.  Sure adds to the décor.

The horse part of the trailer is very elaborate as well.  There is a hay loft in the back that comes down electrically so you can store lots of feed and things up there.

There is a little tack room on the back to store your saddles and stuff.

All the windows open so the horses can have some air flow when they are going down the road.

Very nice unit.  Another one of the horse women let us have a peek in her trailer.  It is very nice as well.   Not quite as big but it was very cozy.

It seemed cozy until we went into the bathroom!!  Wow!!! It was the biggest bathroom ever.  You could hold a barn dance in there.  My picture doesn't do it any justice.  Nice!!  I can't let Sue see this or she will be wanting one.

We sure enjoyed the tour, and they all said that they are staying until after Thanksgiving, so hopefully we get a chance to get to know them better.  Heck I don't even know their names and I have been in their house!  Thanks for allowing us in.

This was the view from our window tonight:


  1. Such a beautiful place to stay and great when you have good neighbours :-) Those units are amazing!

  2. Amazing rigs your neighbours have. Enjoy the folks. Seems you attract those kinds of people everywhere you go!!!


  3. You'll definitely leave there with some new friends. Those units look huge! I love the added metal decor, towel racks etc. in true western style.


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