Thursday 15 November 2018

Reunion with Travelling Friends

Today should not be such a hectic drive for us because we went an extra 150 kilometers yesterday.  We are heading for the De Soto National Forest just north of Biloxi Mississippi.  The weather is not supposed to be terribly warm, but a lot warmer than it has been for us the past couple months.  We can hardly go any farther south without a boat, so hopefully it warms up. Here is our travels today.

We are located at: 49.891235,-97.15369 in Desoto National Forest.

We finally went from snow plows on the road to tractors and mowers in the ditches beside us.

The country is so pretty here with lots of colours in the leaves still.  There is lots of forest land lining both sides of the highway and the country is quite rolling.  We did have some very rough roads today but we survived.

When we got closer to our destination we went from 4 lane highway

To a 2 lane narrow winding road

To a dirt trail.

To an empty equestrian camping area.  It will be great here.  Nobody around, and our friends have not even arrived yet.

We just got set up and Pat and Harold arrived, and shortly after Ed and Lessie pulled in, and Chuck and Angela were not far behind them.  What an awesome reunion, as we have not seen the later two couples since we parted ways earlier this spring. We got in a big circle again with a common sitting area in the middle.  Great for visiting.

It wasn't long and us guys had rounded up some firewood for a bonfire.  Once again our little red wagon came in handy.

It wasn't long and Harold had the fire going and it was time for some stories.  That is one thing we do well around our campfires, is tell stories.  Mostly true but some are a little far fetched especially if I am telling them.

Like I said, it is still a little cool tonight so we all headed in a little early.  We will try our morning happy hour at about 9 am and it sounds like it will be a lot warmer tomorrow.

Here is the view out our window tonight.


  1. You missed most off the cold weather here should be much nicer now. Enjoy your time there with your friends. So much to see and do.

  2. Looks like a cozy get-together where you can relax.
    Hoping you've seen the last of the cold weather for the season.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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