Wednesday 21 November 2018

Outdoor Projects

This morning Harold had a problem with his batteries.  They had depleated to a critical voltage and when he went to fire up the generator, the chassis batteries were dead.  So we spent the morning trouble shooting  and getting it back up to where they should be.

One of the things about our group is that when someone has troubles, there is soon a support group gathered around offering their support, or heckling!!  Not all the ideas are helpful but that's ok because we don't take things too seriously most of the time.

Here is an interesting thing I found in the bathroom this morning.  I am told it is a mud dobber bee that does this and lays its eggs in the cavities.  Someone had cut the one nest open so I could see where the eggs were.

Then it was my turn to fix, so I chose to fix my back light on the Motorhome.  The seal has started to leak and we noticed water on the floor in the bedroom the last time it rained.  I took the light out and the workmanship behind it left a lot to be desired, so I filled it with sealant and put it back together.  There will be no more leaking in my lifetime.

Then of course Chuck and Angela had to get in on the act so they decided to mount their outdoor shower.  It is quite ingenious.  A shower curtain mounted on pvc pipe.

I thought the rope supports were good and the 3M hooks worked real good.

They made it really comfy with a chair and everything.

While all of this was going on, Sue was busy in the kitchen baking.  We have been invited to the Terry and Janeys campsite for supper tomorrow night so we want to take something Canadian.  We haven't met an American who knows what butter tarts are so this will be a treat for them we hope.

Angie and Chuck offered to check the quality in advance and gave them a thumbs up.

We all enjoyed a bonfire again tonight.  Not a bad way to end a day.

Here is our view tonight:


  1. Looks like a lovely place to be - and y'all got a lot done!!

  2. Shower looks pretty cool. Just have to hope that the command strips don't give way at a critical moment! I've had raspberry tarts but not butter tarts. They sound tasty.


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