Wednesday 14 November 2018

Elvis was not Home

Our drive today was a mix of sun and cloud and rain and snow.  Everything a good old Canadian late fall day should be.  Oh wait we are not in Canada, but rather today we were in Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

We woke up to -10C in Springfield Illinois.  With the exception of Illinois, I always think warm in the south, but oh no, not for me.  If it can be cold it will be.  So we set out about 9 for the sunny south.  But it was not to be.

We are trying out a new map system but are having some problems getting it to move along with us.  So right now it is just a map but rather handy for checking out the next intersections.

And off to our right we see the arch of St. Louis.  You will notice the sun is still shining. 

We know we are getting farther south when you start to see bales of cotton.  They do them in round bales now.

It wasn't long and it started to snow a wee bit.  The sides of the road started to get a little white.  Still cold enough there was no danger of ice.

For the next couple hours it was early winter driving.  Either sloppy where they had applied Ice melter or clean where it was cold.  We only saw evidence of a bit slippery in Memphis where a couple cars spun out, but they go like a mad man here so no wonder they spin.
Skyline of Memphis
We watched conditions real careful and were at no time worried about the road.  We were going to stop and see Elvis but I heard that our friends Patsy and Bill from the blog Chillin with Patsy stole him when they were through here a couple weeks ago so we just kept on trucking.

There were a couple times where the windshield iced up a bit but that was because I didn't have defrost on and the rain was freezing on there.  It soon melted away.

I was impressed on the interstate that everyone including trucks slowed down to about 50 mph even though the speed limit is 70.  Like I said we ever did see any ice.  Charlie slept through most of it snug as a bug in a rug on the couch all covered up!!

We wanted to get through Memphis today so we didn't have to face rush hour traffic tomorrow so we kinda pushed the envelope getting into Batesville Mississippi.  I'm gonna let you guess where we went for supper.

So now here is the really unfair part of our trip.  2500 kilometers and 8000 dollars later and here is the temperature in Batesville
Now just to make matters worse, I thought I would check the temperatures back home in good old Brandon Manitoba.

I only cried a wee little bit!!!

Here is the view out our window tonight:  Yes we are Wally docking again tonight.  That is what we do when we are fleeing from the cold!!


  1. Well your blog was looking pretty good until the end ... that really is unfair!

  2. You are making good time, soon gonna warm up a but down here, may as well enjoy the driving days.

  3. It seems that everyone's temps are warmer back home then where they are.
    Some places, Amarillo Texas had twice the snowfall they had back home.
    Smile because soon you'll be in the warmth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. A little bad weather always makes me appreciate the sun and warm temps when I finally get someplace warm!! Hopefully, the weather won't affect your travels and you'll drive out of it soon!

  5. Continued safe travels as you make the dash forthe warmth.
    It always makes us sad when we check the temperatures back home and it is warmer...:)

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. We too hit some nasty weather this week, good to hear you made it through it. Safe travels, hope there is nothing but sunshine and dry roads in your future!

  7. I feel your pain. Although I'm certain that soon you'll be in the warmth and the sunshine. Safe travels.


  8. Thanks for the good feeling for us and I realize everyone is having a little discomfort along the way.


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