Sunday 25 November 2018

Rain Rain go away

The remainder of our friends who have been riding horses here for the last week, have to break camp and head home to go back to "_ _ _ _".   Sorry we can't say that word around here.  Although we have not spent a lot of time with them, we sure have enjoyed the times we were together.  What great family people they are, spending time with their kids and their extended family.  What a great opportunity for a family to be away from the pressures of life for a while.  I failed to get a picture of Thomas and Kesha or any of the kids, but I did catch Tommy and Yvonne.  Thanks for sharing your time with us everyone.

Tommy and Yvonne

Thomas and Kesha leaving
After lunch it started to rain.  It was warm out (23C) so the rain actually felt refreshing.  Angie and Chuck spent most of their day under their awning and Angie worked on her sewing box restoration while the rain pelted down.

Sue and I spent the afternoon watching the last two episodes of the series we have been watching.  The Fall is a good one if you have the time.

After supper we got together with Chuck and Angie, and Pat and Harold to play some games.  First game was CLR.  This is a great way to get some laundry quarters, and it was our turn to win.  It will be nice to have clean underwear again!!

Then a couple rounds of Pigs:

We ended the game night playing Dirty Minds.  Now this game is crazy because all of the clues would lead you to an answer that is a bit raunchy, however the answer is quite normal and not what you are led to believe.  Not a kids game for sure, but it sure heads your mind straight for the gutter if you let it.  We had some good laughs all night long playing these games.

This was the view out our window today as it was raining:

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  1. Nothing better than a good game night on a rainy day :-)


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