Tuesday 20 November 2018

The Bird Flew Away

The other morning we had a knock on our door and three young gals were standing there with a plate of yummy treats.  The neighbours down the way had sent them over with some New Orleans Beignets.  They were so yummy!!  They are a little fritter pastry with icing sugar sprinkled on top.  Charlie would sure like a taste!!!!

Most mornings the horse people get saddled up and go out for a ride.  Lots of times they ride through our yard on the way out and stop and chat and show off their horses.  Today was no different.

Today Ed and Lessie are moving to New Orleans to be with their daughter Rachel.  She is living and working there so Ed and Lessie will get a first hand tour of what goes on there.  Rachel is a talented artist on the side and Lessie stopped over to show us some sketching she had done a few years ago.

Just after dinner the Bird fired up and our friends left.  They will be gone for about a week and then they will join us again for our east migration.

Susan spent most of the afternoon starting to prepare the Ponderosa for Christmas.

Later Sue and I headed in to Biloxi to do some shopping at Walmart. We needed some stuff for the American Thanksgiving.  Walmart is trying to get everyone in the spending so they have started their countdown to Christmas.

After shopping we just had to stop by Whataburger for supper.  We like to share a burger and onion rings.  It costs about 8 bucks for the 2 of us.

We spent the rest of the evening watching "The Fall" on TV.  What a crazy show.  It gets you hooked and you can't stop watching it.

Here is the view out our bedroom window tonight:


  1. Amazing sketches!!! Looks like a nice day. Enjoy the Biloxi area, lots to see there.


  2. Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving???
    What did Lessie do to her foot?

  3. Those treats look 'nasty'! (but delicious!!!)
    Charlie looks like Clemmy when we are snacking.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving Day today. With Sue decorating, sounds like you are staying put for Christmas?

    1. All the decorations are made to withstand road travel so down the road we go.

  4. Good on you Sue, I decorated a few days ago. Today I will do the outside because we won't be travelling before Christmas.

  5. We will do a little outside but we plan to move so will have to tear down the outside stuff.


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