Friday, 2 November 2018

Duluth MN to New Auburn WI

Today we only have 200 kms to travel so we sat around in the Walmart parking lot and drank coffee and talked for most of the morning.

About 11:30 we pulled out and hit the highway.  The first part of the trip was quite interesting because we went right through the industrial area of Duluth.  The city is known as the city of bridges and we did go over a large one.  There were not a lot of ships in port but we did see a few.

 Once again P & H were in the lead so we just had to follow.

We went a few miles on some beautiful country roads and about 2:30 we pulled into the driveway of  friends Kevin & Ronda who live just outside New Auburn WI.    We will be staying here for a couple days before moving further south.  It was a cool day but we did see some sun shine.

Kevin and Ronda have a lovely yard with a big house and shop.  This is where they live, but they farm a couple miles up the road.  Kevin was drying corn today so Harold and I went up to see him.  They finished their harvest last night so the pressure is off.

Here are some pictures of where we are parked.

Kevin and Ronda took us to an awesome little Bar and Grill for the Friday special which was fish and chips.  I thought the salad was to die for and ate way too much plus the fish and chips.

After the salad, they brought us some famous Wisconsin Cheeze Curds. They were battered and tasted absolutely delicious.  We are going to see if we can find them from a wholesaler in Canada so we can add them to the menu at CJ's.

We always have fun with Kevin and Ronda and appreciate their hospitality.

Here is the view from one of our windows tonight:


  1. I see you are somewhat close to our "neck of the woods". Looking east to Lake Michigan we are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Escanaba to be exact. Looks like a beautiful area....Stay Warm!

  2. A nice camping spot and visit with friends and a fish and chip dinner sounds wonderful.


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