Sunday 18 November 2018

Chore and Explore Day

Our day started out as usual with the 9 am Happy Hour.  This gathering is important in that all the decisions of the day are made there.  By 10 everyone heads to their respective homes, being none the wiser as to what the plan is, but at least wide awake from the coffee.

While we were enjoying our day, our neighbour (who I still haven't got a name for) stopped by with her dogs.  They are sure cute.  She has a couple boxers as well but she thinks they might not get along with Charlie.  

Later in the day they came by once more to show us their horses.  The one she was riding was a type of smooth walker and when we watched her leave, she didn't even bounce in the saddle at a fast walk.

Her husband had a nice horse as well.

And the kids and friends were all joining in for a ride today.  Notice the blaze orange as it is hunting season around here and there are lots of hunters right around the camp.

Harold and I were on water duty today so we had to go up the road and fill up my water bladder and bring it back to put in the motorhomes.  We got a little sidetracked and visited a former Prisoner of War cam (POW) that is just up the road from us.

Apparently it held German POWs during WW II and the prisoners were used to do lots of different jobs around the country like road building and cotton picking.  The round things are munition storage from what I hear.

There is a lake here as well which makes it pretty.  There is room for quite a few campers, so we may have to look at moving up here for a while.  We could get the kayaks out and float around.  Apparently there is one old alligator lives in the swamp, but no one gets too worried about him.

It was around 20C this afternoon and we heard a bunch of chirping.  There in the grass were hundreds of Robins!!   I guess we are in the right place if the Robins are here!!

Soon it was time for afternoon Happy Hour.  Not much happened at this meeting either.  The only thing I took a picture of was Ed's table.  It works really good.

Then it was bonfire and bed time.

Here is the view from our window tonight.


  1. That's quite a crowd you've gathered. Hard to believe that in all those people one of you couldn't make a decision!! Hahaha. Enjoy!!!


  2. Looks like you found the warmth in a beautiful spot. Plus a chance to make new friends. Sounds like life is good for the Green's. Enjoy!


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