Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Up on the Roof top.... oh wait thats just Harold.

Last night was a cool one with temps dropping to the freezing mark but with the sun shining in the morning, it wasn't long before it was warming up and we could head out for coffee.  Harold always laughs because in the evening I tell him that I will see him at 10 Celcius in the morning.  Speaking of Harold, he climbed up on the roof to install his new cell phone booster.  Some of the places we go have marginal cell coverage, and the booster sure helps in those situations.

It wasn't long before Chuck joined in the work by cutting and splitting a whole pile of wood for us to burn at night.  He works really hard at it and we do enjoy the fruits of his labour.

So that was enough to motivate me to getting some more projects done.  I had noticed that one of my battery cables was corroding a bit and the copper end was getting thin so I figured it was time to change it.  When I pulled off the old one, I was glad I did because it was just ready to break off.  Things like this tend to cut down on the efficiencies of the electrical system so it is a good idea to keep on top of the battery maintenance.

The other day I bought some screen so it was time to replace some of them in the Ponderosa. 

Old screens with holes and dirty

Nice new screen

I must show you a little more of our Christmas decorations that Sue has been working hard on.  Its hard to believe that it is less than a month away.

And we are starting to decorate outdoors as well.  Ed and Lessie have some light up Santa hats that they showed off tonight at the bonfire.

Here is the view out our window tonight:

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