Monday 26 November 2018

Some Neat Things of the South

Today was cool so we all decided to head into town for various reasons.  Everyone went on their own so we could get our various tasks accomplished.  Our reason for going was to find a laundry to get some cloths washed.  The other reason was to buy some things we needed as well as some groceries.  I discovered a while back that I had left my electrical repair kit back in the shed at home.  Most RV problems involve electrical malfunctions, so it is necessary to have a good assortment of stuff.  So I bought a kit box and a bunch of stuff to fill it with.

And we also got some supplies for some other projects that the Ponderosa's Construction Manager thinks we should do.  I have been chosen to complete the projects and the timeline given is quite short.  Maybe I will start tomorrow!!!!

Hmmm  Bet you can't guess this one

I bet everyone figured this one out.
And first thing tomorrow we will have to defrost the fridge.  All this humidity tends to build up the frost in the freezer.  Especially if the door gets left open a crack.

While we were shopping tonight I was noticing how many foods there are down here in the South that we Canadians just don't see on our grocery shelves.  So I decided to take some pictures and share them with you.  I'm sure it is all good tasty food and some of it is just named differently.  Here we go!!  I bet Brandon MB Walmart doesn't have any of these!!

And Minced Fish and Potato!!   It sounds yummy!  Just never see it up north.

Seems like they don't clean their rice down here.

And we wouldn't be in the south without this.

They say these are good but I've never tried them.

And what would be worse than eating the hocks of a pig??

Oh yes...eating the head with those eyes staring at you.. Poor Porky!!!

At home they hide the gizzards and hearts in the chicken.  Here they sell them by the pound.

And lets just buy a package of bacon fat for some reason.

Anyone craving chewing on a turkey neck?

No idea what this would taste like.  Bet its good!

Sue says she has had these.  You just dip them in your hot chocolate!!

And of course the staple down here is Pecans.  

And to go with your chicken, some Dumplings.

Now you have to remember these pictures were all taken in Walmart so this is not a specialty store but rather where you buy normal groceries so I guess the following are just normal.  I hope to try some of these sometime but not today.

And of course you have to end it all off with some beer!!  This is for all my Canadian friends who drink that expensive stuff. 

We enjoyed our shopping trip and had a few laughs and headed home to watch some TV for the evening.  This was the view from our front window today.  


  1. Okay that pig is just sad looking, how could you eat that with his face staring at you!

  2. Maybe it's just Georgia that has the Mountain Oysters. Laundry in Biloxi, a place called Ward's down by the tracks on Rail Road Street. Nicest place I've found in the area so far. Probably too far for you folks as it's only about 4 miles from the Gulf waters. They do have some amazing food in the south, don't they?


    1. We have "Prairie Oysters" in Manitoba but I don't think you would ever find them in Walmart.

  3. Love all the great foods we can get here in the south another reason we enjoy it here.

  4. Gator is good! I was surprised, didn't think I would like it but it's very tasty.


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