Monday, 22 April 2019

A Longer Day than Planned

WHERE ARE WE?           Great Falls, Montana      
NEXT DESTINATION?    Bentley Alberta

Originally we had planned on travelling about 400 or so km's today from Casper WY to Billings MT.  Things went good today and we were in Billings by about 3pm so we decided to push on. Great Falls MT. was doable so off we went.  It was a big day but the closer we get to our destination, the more the adrenalin pushes us on.  799 kilometers today by the time we pulled into the Walmart.

Very pretty scenery today as we crossed Wyoming into Montana.  Lots of ranch country and we are on the north side of Yellowstone Park as well.  A few big hills to climb and go down, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Even a little snow up in the high elevations.

We had noticed lots of wind generators as we drove along and when we stopped for a break in the afternoon we happened to stop in a town where one of the original wind farms had been set up.  Its a town called Judith Gap and they have a blade from a wind turbine on display.

Apparently this blade got damaged beyond repair while it was being installed and the company gave it to the town for display.  They are huge and it is hard to believe they are mounted way up there.

To show you the size, that is me with my arm raised beside the blade.

Because of the length of our journey today, we didn't have much time to stop for photo ops so this is the picture out our window tonight.  Yes it is a Wally World night again tonight.  Sorry. But the sky was a beautiful colour!

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  1. The picture of the wind blade was very interesting, it was huge! I know what you mean when you get closer to home, sometimes you just can't stop yourself from going on further than you planned :-)


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