Wednesday 17 April 2019

A Windy Day on the Road

WHERE ARE WE?            Carlsbad, New Mexico     

Last night was a night that was hard to sleep because of the heat.  It only got down to 27C last night and was still quite humid.  It was a toss and turn night.  We started out the day by taking Charlie for a walk.  The Casino has a large fence around it with barbed wire on the top and I'm not sure if its to keep people in or people out!!  The Rio Grand river is right there and Mexico is on the far bank.  Anyhow there is an opening in the fence with no gate so you can walk in and out at will so thats what Charlie and I did.  Walked in and out at will.  There was some grass for him to do his business on the other side.

We got a good start this morning because we are planning a big 650 km day.

We headed out through Eagle Pass and for the first few hours everything along the road had a Mexican flavour.  They are getting ready for Easter here and they love to celebrate and they love colour.

After we turned a little more northerly away from the border we started seeing a lot of oilfield activity.   I mean a LOT!  Lots of big camps being set up for the workers and lots of rigs dotting the country side.

Because of the distance we are going we had lunch on the fly.  Good old hot dog and some fruit served on the dash.

After a while the wind started to blow and it actually got to gale force at times.  It was tough driving but we had nothing else to do.  To top it off we were in road construction for almost 100 kms with lots and lots of traffic.  Kind of a white knuckle day.  Guess we should have checked the construction report and went a different way.  Oh well we didn't die.

We pressed on until we saw a place where they had actually lowered the flag because it was putting too much stress on the pole.  Thats when we decided to take a break

So we pulled into the Pecos Texas Rodeo Grounds.  We parked up by the sign for a while and learned that this is the home of the very first Rodeo in the World.  Now I didn't find that on Facebook but I still think it is true!!

After a while the wind died a bit so we pressed on to Carlsbad.  There is going to be a front move through tonight with some cooler temps and maybe rain so we wanted to be as far west as we could so it would pass us in the night.  And it did.

We parked up at Walmart in Carlsbad and hope to sleep well because of the cooler weather.  Going down to under 10C tonight.

I was a little crooked but that was ok.  You know you are not level when the calendar hangs crooked.

Sue made me my favorite Birthday supper consisting of Hamburger steak, Mashed Pototoes and Cream Corn.  Thanks a lot!!  mmmmmm good.

Birthdays are generally low key now that we are on the road.  Just remember that everything I tell you from now on will be worth listening to because I am now another year wiser!!  So pay attention!

Well that was our day and here is the exciting view out our window today.


  1. Happy Birthday Lorne! Hope you had a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday Lorne. I'm sure you were happy to spend it the way you did or you would have changed plans. Being as you're wiser now, I expect you would have thought of that on your own. Haha.
    You folks certainly put in a lot of miles today. Stay safe!!!!

  3. Okay okay! Geesh! Not only are you wiser, but you are bossier too!!
    Glad you didn't die - especially on your birthday!
    Your lunch would be on the 'fly' if you had to hit your brakes hard. Hot dog and banana all over the place.
    Okay, serious now. Glad you had a safe travel day although long. You are entering the 'real' world of cool temps now so no more shorts for a while.
    Oh and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORNE!


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