Monday 29 April 2019

Girls go shopping, I Work

A really boring Blog day today.  The girls all headed to Red Deer to shop and I stayed home at the Ponderosa to work.  We are trying to get all our safety stuff in place before the busy gravel crushing season begins.  Although all the paper work involved in the safety program is a royal pain,  it has to be done for a couple reasons.  First is so that the guys work safe and go home to their families every night, and secondly so that the company shows its due diligence in training the guys to work safely so that they will not be subject to costly legal proceedings if they are deemed negligent in an incident.  Tanis and I have been working at this for a long time now and we can now see a small light at the end of the tunnel.  Good work Tanis.

Like I said, the girls went shopping and on their way home they had to stop and rescue Buddy at Kitty jail.  Sheri's neighbour has a vendetta for cats and went to the town and got a trap.  Well guess who was the first resident?  Yup Buddy.  $70 bucks for the kennel fee and another $35 for a licence.  Hope the little rat will stay close to home now.   I can understand that some people don't like cats doing their business in their flowerbeds and such, but on the other hand a cat is meant to wander.  The two just don't mix.

After the girls got home it was supper time and then time for a nice soak in the hot tub.

Another good day.  The view out our window today:

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