Saturday 13 April 2019

Beach Clean Up!

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas for another 2 days            

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas maybe

Today was beach clean day at Magnolia Beach.  There were a lot of people showed up to help keep the beach clean.  I must admit that the winter Texans do a great job of cleaning up here while they walk the beach every day.  We have noticed that a lot of day users are the ones that leave the small garbage behind.  Beer bottles, cans and even diapers are common after a weekend.  Anyway we all met and were given bags and Sandra and I teamed up to do our part.

 This family even dressed for the occasion.  We saw a lot of families out doing their part to clean up.

Sue was not feeling good so she stayed home and put the base coat of paint on the table that I showed you before.  It looks quite ghostly.  She will do her magic to it as soon as it dries.

Micheal was busy working on his wind turbine and the charging system today so they didn't join us.  I think this is like the turbine Rick from the Blog Its About Time installed while he was in Quartzsite this year.  Micheal is having troubles getting it to put out the amount of amps he feels it should.  But it is pretty.  The afternoon was really windy so it was a good time to do the wind turbine.  Because it was just poked in the sand, the wind kept leaning it over.

We all decided to take in a little entertainment for part of the evening and headed down to the marina for a couple drinks and cheeseburgers and to listen to the band.  You get to sit out on the patio with fishermen casting and the water lapping at the edge.  It is a unique experience.

  I got the traditional after supper picture.

Even the owner came along and got in the photo op!!

Lots of people there and they were celebrating sending the Happy Hookers female fishing team to a state competition somewhere.  Good luck girls with your hooking!!!

The band was good enough and we enjoyed their music for the first set.  It was good old country music and the girls did a good job singing them.

The problem is that they took a break and kinda forgot to come back.  It was getting quite dark by the time we realized they were not coming back any time soon and so we decided to leave.

We were not complaining because we had a good time and Micheal and I were starting to yawn anyway.  The view out our window today was the wind turbine whirling round and round.


  1. Awesome that y’all took time out to clean up the beach. It upsets me that the wrong people are blamed for the mess left behind. Y’all must’ve been busy visiting to not realize the band was gone!


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