Monday 8 April 2019

Reunion with Old Friends

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas for another week or so            

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas

Gerry and I started out the morning with a quiet coffee on the beach.  A couple ships and barges floated by us as we sat there chatting.  We are loving our time at the beach.

After coffee Sue and I fired up the Ponderosa and took it into town to dump the tanks and take on some water.  We will not have enough room to last till the end of the week so thought today was as good a time as any.  After dumping the tanks at the Lighthouse County Park for $10 we headed over to Walmart to pick up a few things.  Its been a while since the Ponderosa has been in a Walmart parking lot.

After the shopping we joined Pat and Harold for lunch at the Bayshore Restaurant for a great fish dinner.  There was way more food than we could eat and it was really tasty.  Here is the traditional after dinner picture.

After dinner it was off to the Propane place for some $3.00 propane.  I'm not sure why the price is so high here because there are lots of places in Texas where it is only about $2.00.  Oh well!

When we got back to the beach we parked on a bit of an angle this time so we had a nice courtyard to sit around in.  

After we got parked up, Charlie and I took a little walk down the beach and look what we saw??  I couldn't believe it!!!    Micheal and Sandra were parked just down from us.  This is the couple we met in Lake Mead last year and we had Easter Supper with them!!  They were heading out to the Artic Circle last year and we have not seen them since.  This country is so big but yet so small.  We had big hugs all around.

They were having a bonfire so they invited us all over to join them and for everyone to get a chance to meet.  We had a great evening with them.

Magnolia Beach is known for its spectacular sun rises, but every once in a while they have a gorgeous sun set.  It is the view from our window tonight.


  1. Say hi to Michael and Sandra! Maybe you can have an early Easter dinner together again.

  2. I will be able to camp at magnolia beach someday... it’s beautiful 😍


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