Friday 5 April 2019

Maognolia Beach Friends

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas for another week or so            

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas

We are getting used to hanging out on the beach with all our friends.  Some of our friends live in Magnolia Beach and we have got to know them over the past 3 years we have been here.  One set of friends are Randy and Susan and of course their dog Champ.  Today we were invited to their house to enjoy some southern Texas seafood caught fresh by Randy.  When we arrived, he was in the garage with his big wok full of oil and some funny looking things in it.  They were trout cheeks, and he makes them so that both of the side fins are still attached which work like handles for eating them.  Boy were they ever good!!

The wok he was using was quite unique.  He made it from a discer blade and welded the center into it.  He then added some rebar handles and seasoned it like a cast iron frying pan.  What a great cooking pot.

After the trout cheeks he threw in a batch of Crab fingers. These are the meaty part of the crab leg with the pincher taken off.  They are tasty as well.

We had the pleasure of meeting a couple of Susan and Randy's friends, Teresa and John.  They are RVers as well and are parked up the beach from us.  Another nice couple to add to the list of people we know around here.  We are so blessed to know all of these good people and are starting to feel like seasoned travellers because everywhere we go we find people we have met before.

After all of the appy's we got down to business with all the trout, salad, fries you could eat.  The trout was delicious and we filled our bellies.  mmmmmm   Thanks so much for sharing some southern hospitality with us.  We will never forget it.  Keeping with tradition, here is a picture of the empty plates, so you will have to imagine our feast!!

After the meal Susan got out the dominos and taught us how to play Spinner Dominos.  There are so many variations of dominos and I think we should buy a set.  Sue and I have been thinking about getting a game that we could play every day and maybe this would be it.

Here was the view out our window later:


  1. That wok is awesome 😎 not so sure I would like those cheeks... I’m not much of a fish eater.

  2. Mmm, looks good enough to eat! You will have to try cod tongues someday :)

  3. Love the cooker. Very unique.
    As I am not a fish lover I can't appreciate the meal but I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Nothing says fun like a good game that can be played often.


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