Friday 19 April 2019

Visiting the Darby's

WHERE ARE WE?           Fort Collins, Colorado      

NEXT DESTINATION?    Casper Wyoming

One of the things that we have enjoyed about our Nomadic lifestyle, is the people we have met along the way, and how they have touched our lives in many different ways.  Today we are going to stop and visit with a family who have become near and dear to us after meeting them a few years ago.  The Darby's spent a year on the road in an RV with their 5 kids and we met them on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ back in 2016.   We will never forget that meeting and we have made a point of stopping to visit them here in Colorado whenever we can.  They have sold the RV and now live on a lovely acreage at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Now we love to do crazy things and today was no exception.  Most Rv'ers will go out of their way to avoid heavy traffic and we do that sometimes too.   But today was one of the days when we thought we would hit is head on.  Lets head right through the heart of Denver on a Friday, oh yes Good Friday, and lets throw in a little rush hour as well!!!  It will be fun they said!!!   Well needless to say it took us about 2 hours to get through Denver in stop and go traffic.  We had fun watching all the cars around us, the impatient ones, the ones on the cell phones, the ones moving to the music, and the odd one with a book.  It is really interesting if you take the time to study people in these situations.

We knew we were getting close to their place as the scenery around us started to change.

After a couple rights and a left we arrived at their awesome acreage.  They have a big house because they have 5 older kids and need lots of room.  They have a big shop and horse barn as well.

We got all settled up in their yard and will be staying for a couple nights here to relax.  

They have such beautiful views of the mountains that pictures do no justice to.

One of the marvels of this family is how everyone works together for the good of all.  They had a lovely supper planned for our arrival and they set to work on it like everyone knew what they were doing.  Thanks for a great meal!!1

About 10 we headed out to the Ponderosa for the night.  This was the view out our window tonight.

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