Friday, 26 April 2019

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits!

WHERE ARE WE?           Bentley Alberta, CANADA eh!     

NEXT DESTINATION?    Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba in a few days.

Today was crazy hair day for the kids at school.  There were lots of great ideas what to do for hair styles last night but in the morning when the alarm goes an hour early, those super doooo's don't seem that appealing any more.   These guys however did a great job and every one of them headed to school with some strange hair do.  Donovan who is in grade 9 told me later that he was the only one in his class that did anything with his hair.  I think it is sad that most of the others didn't want to participate in a school function.  It sure takes the fun out of life.

I even got in on the act, in fact I think I may have won the contest.  There is more to this story later.

And I guess Sue and Sheri read the memo wrong.  They thought it said crazy face day not crazy hair day!  They certainly won that category!!!

Ok now more to my story.  As you have noticed over the past while I have been letting the face hair accumulate.  Susan said to me a while back that she had never saw me with a full beard so I thought it was time.  A couple of neat guys that we met this winter, Ron and Andy, were doing the full beard thing, in fact Andy was doing the full hair thing, so I thought, what the heck.  Mine used to be red and back in the day of CB radios, my handle was "Red Beard".  That has all changed now and I get called Santa now!!  So to begin with, here is what I looked like WITH a full beard.

I had promised the girls that they could do the trimming for me and both Dani and Rio jumped right in to get the job done.  They were a little timid at first, but got to laughing and enjoying it very quickly.

And with a little help from Sheri, here is what I looked like after it was done.  I know, I know, it didn't help a lot, but at least I was back to what I call normal!!!

The rest of the day was just hanging with our kids.  They all love the trampoline and there was lots of "Watch Me" stuff going on.  Rio can do crazy backflips that scare the heck out of me.

We are enjoying playing the card game "Golf" and all of the kids like to join in.  Normally we are not a game family, so this is a nice change.  

The weather is supposed to get miserable here tomorrow so we thought maybe we should have a fire tonight!  The kids made sticky old smores.

This was the view out Sheri and Gords window this evening as we sat around the fire.

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