Saturday 6 April 2019

What is That? Yuck!!

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas for another week or so            

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas

Charlie and I were out on the beach for a walk this morning and there was a bunch of things on the beach that looked like dog poop at first glance.  Upon further inspection it was clear it was not anything like that but rather a bunch of water filled pods all stuck together.  After putting it out there on Facebook the general consensus is that it is Sea Grapes or Sea Squirt.  If you poke it with a knife it does squirt water out.  Some smart ass even suggested that it is Canuck scat!!  Not everyone here likes us snowbirds.

We did lots of sitting and ship watching today.  Another beautiful Texas day!!

At one point in the day we heard the ice cream truck coming up the beach.  This is the first and last time we have seen it come down here.  It is actually a snow cone truck.

The view out our window:

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  1. Those sea grapes look like 💩 I don’t know if I would’ve touched them....


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