Friday 12 April 2019

Another One Bites the Dust

WHERE ARE WE?           Magnolia Beach, Texas for another 4 days           

NEXT DESTINATION?     Kickapoo Casino, North Falcon Heights, Texas maybe

Deb and Jerry are leaving this morning to head back east and north.  Debs father needs her to be with him so they will be heading north to somewhere around Delaware.  We hope they have safe travels and that the winds will be behind them.

Not much left to do except sit on the beach and watch the ships come in.  It's a tough life but someone has to do it.  We soon need to head north because today apparently Randy had to remove a cottonmouth water moccasin off of his deck.  These snakes are supposedly deadly venomous and not many people live to tell about being bitten.  There are plain water moccasins as well and they tell me they are not as bad.  The ones with white inside their mouth are the cottonmouth ones.  Also there have been lots of alligator sightings and one guy reported a 15 foot one down in Blind Bayou.  I drove down there and saw nothing but then again I am a prairie boy!!

Sue got busy on another painting project.  She is going to paint our dining table to make it match the rustic look of our cupboards.  I think it will look pretty good.

Champ and Jax stopped by to say hi to Charlie.  They belong to Sue and Theresa and they always stop for a treat and a drink on their beach walk.  The dogs not the people!!

The view out our window today was Sue looking for coral.   She is getting a nice collection and wants to make some crafts with all the grandkids with it.


  1. Water moccasins are no joke! Sorry you didn’t get to see a gator. Hopefully you saw one in Florida? They are everywhere!

  2. I want to see a rattler or something before we go home. From a distance though.


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