Sunday 28 April 2019

Keto, Ketones, Ketosis

WHERE ARE WE?           Bentley Alberta, CANADA eh!     

NEXT DESTINATION?    Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba in a few days

For quite a while now Sue has been following the Keto program, not so much to lose weight, but rather to get her blood sugars in line.   The program or diet has been good for her and at one point she didn't need her medication.  It's always tough to do these diets because there is always something that you have to sacrifice to make it work.  Sugar is the one that seems to hold our family hostage.  So before we came to Alberta, we decided to do some restrictions on sugar.  We have been successful so far and I am even starting to like my coffee without sugar.   Our daughter Sheri has been dabbling in the Keto thing for a while and now she has joined up to sell the Ketone stuff online.  They have lots of stuff to help with the program and Sheri would be more than happy to explain it all to you.  She will give you the information with no obligation to buy anything.  Check her out on Facebook or go to her Web Site. The Ketone drinks are quite good!  It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, she can set you up with whatever you need.

This was a typical day after a snowfall day.  Everyone felt real lazy and so we just sat around and did a whole lot of nothing.  Dani made us breakfast which was yummy.

Lots of phone time today.  Who would have though 10 years ago that we could sit on the couch and watch movies right on our phones.  It is a two edged sword though, because physical interaction has declined because of it.  I am as guilty as anyone.  My phone tells me that I spend between 4 and 5 hours a day on it doing one thing or another.  Too bad I couldn't get paid for all of that time.

The kids have a massage chair and I am enjoying it.  Maybe not enjoying rather than enduring!!  It is a tough massage, but it feels really good after you are done.  Sheri likes to set up some weird things on the keypad to see if I can handle it.  So far so good.

The view out our window today was still a snowy one.  I don't think the snow will last very long.

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  1. I know it’s tough to follow that lifestyle change. It’s also good for most people! I personally love a massage chair.


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