Tuesday 30 April 2019

Alighting Experience

Now with a title like that, you just had to peek to see what this post was going to be about right?  Well when you write blogs lots, sometimes you just have to have a different sense of humour.  Our kids normally give me the "Oh Dad" when I come up with a super silly saying.  This would be one of those times that they should say it.  Anyway we were in Red Deer today and stopped at Marks Work Wearhouse.  Gord and I were just fooling around and we got to trying on hats.  This one was rather neat with some LED lights under the brim.  Great  for working in those tight spots.  Thus the lighting experience!!  I know, I can hear the boo's.....

Gord and I look pretty dapper right???

After Marks, we went to see if we could find any Motorhomes to look at but there was nothing in Red Deer.  I did have to take a picture of this guy at one of the dealers.

Later in the afternoon we took Dani and Rio to their gymnastics practice.  Rio has been doing this a long time and is really quite good at it.

Dani did take gymnastics a couple years ago but took a break.  She is now going back and tonight was her first lesson since coming back.  She did quite well!!

While Rio was at Gymnastics, we took Charlie to Pet Smart to give him a bath.  He gets so scruffy after a while and of course with all the wet weather he is beginning to smell like a dog.  Pet Smart has an awesome dog wash and it is only $10.  They supply the shampoo and conditioner as well as the towels, and they give you heck if you try to clean up.   We love it.

Here is the view out our window today.  We did get some more snow overnight.


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  2. Hey Lorne, I really like the hat that is something like a captains hat. Hope you bought it


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