Sunday 21 April 2019

Time to Move On

WHERE ARE WE?           Casper Wyoming      
NEXT DESTINATION?    Billings Montana

After an awesome breakfast with the Darby's we headed out on a little walk to check out the owls nest that Sue and Emily found.  It seems there are at least two baby owls in the nest and we confirmed that it is a Great Horned Owl!   It is neat to see them so close to their house.

The trail they have by their house winds down toward the new development back of the public area.

Emily is the keeper of the chickens so I went out with her when she gathered eggs.  They have a dozen chickens and they get a dozen eggs a day from them.  She gave us a dozen to take with us.

All too soon it was time to load up and leave.  Got a fun pic of Julie and Nicole.

Dave took a good one of the whole group before we left.  We will see everyone again in our travels I'm sure.

We travelled about 350 kms today in cloudy rainy weather conditions.

Here is the route we travelled today from Windsor CO to Casper Wyoming.

Sue found a great spot in a recreation park a few miles before Casper WY.  A little narrow winding road lead us down to the park.  We got all parked up and had supper and started watching TV.

We were just settled in when the Sheriff drove up and came over with an apologetic look on his face.  He said that because there was construction going on in the park and the contractors were leaving their equipment there, the county decided to lock the gates every night and that he had no choice but to ask us to leave.  He felt bad doing it but we said no problem and away we went to Wally World in Casper.  It was a nice little park and this would have been the view out our window tonight

Instead, after about a half hour drive, this was our actual view out the window.


  1. Lucky you getting such an awesome picture of the Great horned owls! I'm jealous!
    Looks like you had a great time with the Darby's and that prime rib from yesterday looked delicious!!! My mouth is watering. I would need nothing else on my plate!
    Too bad about the park but at least the Sheriff felt your pain. Wally World, hmm, not quite the same view but an overnight spot just the same. Safe travels!You're going in the right direction!

  2. Love the owl photos. It was nice spot and now you know it for another time. Not all things work out but at least you had a chance check it out. Continued safe travels.

  3. Continued safe travels.
    Reads like a wonderful visit with friends. Great picture of the Horned Patsy I am
    To bad about the parking spot it looked like a nice find. We seem to spend more time in Walmart parking lots when making miles than any other place just for convenience sake.

  4. Bummer about getting booted out of the park but at least there was a back up location. We have stayed at that Walmart several times, very convenient location for sure.


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