Thursday 18 April 2019

Illegal Aliens?

WHERE ARE WE?            Las Vegas, New Mexico     

NEXT DESTINATION?     Fort Collins, Colorado

Today we knock another one off the bucket list.  We stayed in Carlsbad last night at the Walmart and decided that we would leave the Caverns until another trip.  I know the saying says "Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!"  But we may need something to do another time if we ever come this way again.  Now Roswell has never been high on our bucket list, but you do have to see it sometime in your life.  It is one of those soul searching places where you have to really question whether you wish to entertain the information provided, or just use it for entertainment.  I smiled a lot the whole day.  This is where we travelled today which included the stop in Roswell..

We made a little wrong turn today but the bonus was that we got to travel on Route 66 for about a mile.  We lover Route 66!!

We saw lots of adobe buildings on this leg of our trip and I took a picture because soon we won't see them anymore.  They are a true sign of the southwest.

We got to Roswell and headed down the main drag toward the Visitor Center.  For any one with a big rig, you can park around behind the Court House where there is lots and lots of room.  Big gravel parking lots.

Then a short walk to the Visitor Center which is right on the main drag.  We must be in the right place because even the street lights are alienish!!

Upon entering we peeked in the door and there he was!!  The alien that we have heard so much about.  We hadn't been told that his butt would be our first visual!!

They told us the story of Roswell and the crash of the alien space ship.  It actually happened about 70 miles from here, but this is where the story unfolded as they supposedly brought the remains here first to examine it.  The courthouse is where the rancher came to when he wanted to report the findings.  After the short orientation and a picture of a group of extrateresstrial beings, they sent us down to the alien museum.  It is only a couple blocks away. 

Here are a couple renditions of the crash site of the alien space craft.  I was a little skeptical that no one could quite get the story right or figure out what actually happened.  Lots of different theories. They say that this was a big government cover up.  Hmmmmm  You need to go there yourself and figure it out.  Here is what we saw, and it certainly creates some questions in your mind.

Supposedly one of the aliens was still alive when the crash site was first found by a cowboy out checking his cattle.  Somewhere along the line it died and they did autopsies on the aliens both here in Roswell and in Area 51.  

Certainly the tour stirred up the old question of  "Is there life out there?"  We enjoyed our time here and checked another one off the list.

Up the road we saw this sign so knew we were on the right road.  Yes thats right, we are staying the night in Las Vegas,  not Nevada, but rather New Mexico.  

We marvel at some of the people travelling out there and how either stupid or inconsiderate they can be.  Just because they have a $300,000 rig doesn't mean they can think very clearly.  We got all parked up at Walmart and even had a nice neighbour in a 5er parked across from us.  We always park where the yellow line parking is.   Well this big expensive rig comes wheeling in and stops right on the ROAD beside us and shuts it off.  Couldn't believe it.  I told Sue if he starts his genny I will be out there knocking on his door and introducing him to a friendly Canadian!!  He was gone when we woke up in the morning.  Hope he got a knock on the door in the middle of the night.  Serve him right!! 

Sue caught me giving the Ponderosa a good grease job with my brand new grease gun so she got a couple shots.

Here was the view out our window tonight.  Grrrrrr


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