Tuesday 16 April 2019

The Long Road Home Continues

WHERE ARE WE?            Kickapoo Casino, Eagle Pass, Texas     

NEXT DESTINATION?     Carlsbad, New Mexico

We got up and got all the chores done around the Ponderosa in anticipation of leaving Magnolia Beach.  We have made some good friends here and look forward to stopping here every chance we get.   I stopped by the food truck and grabbed a breakfast burrito for $2.50 and we chatted for a while with the owner Trey and his wife Shannon.  They are good people and we wish them well in their business on the beach.  Sue made a wider area up front for Charlie to lay on and he seems to like it.  We left Magnolia in the dust and after dumping and taking on water in Port Lavaca, we headed west!

Just outside Port Lavaca we spotted a tractor and a sprayer in the corn field. This would interest Harold so I grabbed a quick shot of it.

And all over the country side are the workings of the oil fields around here.  My son Derek and my future SIL Gord know all about this stuff.

Here was our route today.  We like to drive as many back roads as possible, even some bumpy ones.

We are very close to the Mexican border where we are parked.  On the way down the Casino road a helicopter was hovering over the bush beside us and then he turned quickly and dived.  Sue looked and there were Border Patrol in the bush and some dogs as well.  Perhaps this is an area that could use a wall if one is getting built.  I can see why they need it to keep them from getting in this dense bush.  I read an article today that said that 1600+ Mexican skeletons have been found in bush like this since 2011.  That doesn't count the ones that the wild boars completely destroyed or the ones that are still lying out there.  That is a sad fact.  They come hoping to better themselves and end up dying of thirst  or hunger in the wilds.

Here's where we are staying tonight.

When we arrived at the Kickapoo Casino, we parked in much the same place that we had parked last year when we were here.  It is quite hot out today with the thermometer showing about 32C.   Here is where we are parked.  You can park in their campground for $15 for full service.  If we had not just dumped today and paid $10, we would have done that.  Maybe next time.

Our neighbour may be a bit seedy but we haven't seen anyone around it.  He obviously came through Pierre South Dakota because his AC has been wiped off by a low bridge.  His replacement isn't a lot better either.  

We headed inside to see if we could get lucky like last time and win a buffet or two, but there were no promotions on at all.  We left a donation of $20 and headed back to the Ponderosa for supper.

So that was how our day went today.  It was a non eventful day on the road and that is the way we like them to be.  We hope to make it to Carlsbad New Mexico tomorrow.  Here is the view from our window today.


  1. You had a good travel day and a nice night at the casino, Safe travels today.

  2. Keep traveling safely, love staying at the casinos.

  3. That camper would look good behind our old ford, lol

  4. You made good time on a very warm day! 32C wow!
    Love Charlie's window seat. You aren't worried about quick stops? We have to put a seatbelt harness on little lightweight Clemson or he falls on the floor. Sometimes even with the belt! LOL As Bill said above, we enjoy staying at the casinos too.

  5. Charlie is right up against the windshield so he has no where to go in a quick stop except the window. He will be first on the scene of the accident as well lol

  6. Charlie looks comfortable up there on the dash.
    I always worry about low bridges and I'm much higher than your neighbour. Glad I'm not travelling on his roads!!!
    Safe travels.

  7. Casinos are always great places to stay, especially if they have good food or discounts. It does make it miserable when it is a hot night though with no hook ups!


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