Wednesday 20 April 2022

A Golf Cart Tour Before We Move.

WHERE ARE WE? Victoria City Park, Victoria, Texas

We have been wanting to rent one of the golf carts from Magnolia Beach Cart Rentals for a few days now, but the winds have been such that it would not have been enjoyable.  This morning the winds seemed reasonable so about 11 I headed down and picked up a 6-seater.  The reason I got a 6-seater is because with the 4-seater 2 people have to sit backwards all the time and I thought that might not be so good.

But guess what?  The girls wanted to sit backwards so the middle seats are empty.    When we loaded up we waited a couple minutes to watch a ship pass by.  

We headed down to a little area called Powderhorn.  Powderhorn lake is a good fishing area apparently, and a great place to spend some time.  The people here seem to like to put all sorts of things in their yards.  

Oh dear, now you will be singing the theme song for Gilligan's Island in your mind all day!!!

After Powderhorn, we stopped at Indianola Fishing Marina for lunch.  The tide is high today plus there is a south wind, so the patio had some water on it.  A couple of tables were high and dry so that's where we had lunch.

Lessie did get a booter when a rogue wave hit a little too hard.  Lol

After lunch we checked out a couple fishing boats and found this Man O War on the beach.  They are nasty little jelly fish that you don't want to step on. 

We did a few stops at some historical things on the way home.  They experimented with Camels here back in the late 1800's and they didn't work very well. 

And LaSalle spent time in this area but had lots of hardships.  I won't bore you with details.

We took the golf cart back about 4 pm and headed back to the beach.  We are moving today.  We have to get out of the wind for a while.  Victoria City RV Park has full service 50 amp spots for $12 a night, so we will spend 3 nights there before starting our migration north.  Victoria is only about 50 kms up the road.

We needed fuel so I filled up at the Buckee's in Port Lavaca.  Cheapest fuel around at $4.55 a gallon.  Ouch!!!

We got settled in about supper time.  It's a nice quiet little park and the best part is that we can run our AC and get rid of the humidity.  We anticipate a great sleep tonight in the cool!!

We were checking out FB tonight and Josie, Kenia's friend in La Penita, finished a table he has had in his shop all winter.  It looks absolutely gorgeous and just confirms how much of a craftsman Josie is.  I wish we were still there to see it.  Maybe I can go see it in the hotel next fall.  Good job Josie!!

A little different sunset again tonight.  Sunsets are sunsets no matter where we roam.  Archie even watched it.  Hope you had a good day!!  Goodnight!!


  1. Diesel here in California is $6.10 a gallon. First time I've heard of this place you are staying. Looks very interesting!! Those man-o-war jellies ... yikes!!!

  2. Interesting

    Gazoline here are around 7.00$cnd per us gallon, your ouch was to say it still a bargain….

  3. What a fun way to travel around for the day! That table is stunning, I want one :-)

  4. Wow,, that table is gorgeous and great work!!!
    but looking pretty heavy to have a crane truck there :)


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