Tuesday 5 April 2022

Well we are on our Way!!

WHERE ARE WE? Rocal Azul RV Park, Jocotepec, Mexico

We pulled up stakes and headed out of our winter home at Numero Uno Resort heading for a RV Park called Roca Azul.  We have been wanting to check it out because lots of people have stayed here.  It was about 300+ kms today.  We will stay a day to check it out.

As we were packing up, we found a little friend that wanted to come with us.  Well, he wasn't that little.  Steve and Julie had one in their trailer and I think they said it was a Huntington spider.  Sorry but this guy is staying behind.

We took our time meandering along today.  Kind of a pretty drive through the mountains, with a few narrow roads, and some windy curvy roads.  We followed along behind P & H.  

There are lots of raspberries being grown under all these covers.  They go on for miles and miles!!

We got to our destination about 5 ish and settled in.  George and Henny have been here since yesterday so we pulled in by them.  Everyone was hungry so we went out for supper in town.  You have to drive for 10 minutes just to find food around here.  George and Henny said "Follow us" so we did.

The Rincon de Frieda was a nice little restaurant.  I was not impressed, but everyone else seemed to like what they had.  The soup was good!!  And not that expensive.  

Cute surroundings with the lounge type feeling in the back.

So here we will stay until Thursday morning when we will move north again.  Until then, Goodnight!


  1. The leaves are growing up there, wish you all a good return home

  2. Roca Azul is nice enough, but you're right that there's not a lot that is close by. Even riding a bicycle into Jocotopec is tough because of the cobblestone type of road! Personally, Lake Chapala area is not our thing.

  3. As far as that area goes, I think you would enjoy it more at Chimulco Water Park in Villa Corona. But then we are not destination people, preferring to explore!

  4. Not a LITTLE friend and in my books, no kind of FRIEND at all! Yeuch!
    Safe travels north!


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