Friday 15 April 2022

Removing the Hot Water Tank

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

A normal sort of day here on the beach.  Coffee in front of the MHs to start the day.  We are having a tough time with the humidity here and it doesn't want to go away.  98% most of the time.  The humidity doesn't seem to slow Archie down.


We have some kids down the way from us who have set up a cookie stand.  They are selling 2 fresh homemade Chocolate Chip cookies for a buck.  They are out there religiously whenever someone walks or drives by.  Mom is busy in the trailer baking cookies!!  They made a few bucks off of us.

My current project is to change out our hot water tank so today was the day to rip out the old one.  Actually the process is quite simple.  I actually remembered to pack my propane line plug so I can disconnect the propane line and plug it.  That means I can remove the tank completely and just sit and wait for the new one.  

I even took a picture of the wiring so I wouldn't mess that up.  Having the ability to just take a picture makes rewiring all this stuff, so easy.  

Sunsets are not as spectacular here as they were in Mexico but they are sunsets none the less.  

And when I turned around the other way, there was an almost full moon getting ready to take over from the sun.  I didn't stay up late enough to even see the moon again tonight.  Good night!!

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