Thursday 7 April 2022

Our First Big Day of Travel

WHERE ARE WE? Las Palmas Midway Hotel, Matehuala, Mexico

We have a good sized travel day today so we got up and at it.  We were up in time to see the sunrise over Lake Chapalla.  Lake Chapalla is more of a slough, with lots of agricultural pollution in it.  It is still fishable but does have lots of algae and stuff around the outside.

It is going to be a great day.  We have 585 kms to go today with the first 10 miles or so being typical rough Mexican back road, but then we break out onto the nice cuota's mostly 4 lanes.

They have some great bypasses around most of the larger cities which makes life easier for us. We first had to bypass Guadalajara to the south and east on our way to San Luis Petosi.  You can see Guadalajara off in the distance but thats as close as we got.

The highways on this route are in excellent condition with no problem keeping the speed limit most of the time.  They have the darndest things down here to work the traffic control.  Big mock ups of National Guard police cars along the road.  You have no idea if it is real or not so a quick tap on the brakes is in line.  Yup its a fake one.

Travel today was a breeze.  Lots of tolls and lots of off ramps and highway changes which kept the navigator on her toes.  All in all no problems and great roads.

Pat and Harold led the way today and did a good job of getting us where we wanted to go.

We arrived at our destination for the night in Matehuala around 5 pm.  The Las Palmas Midway Hotel is a favourite stop for many snowbirds, and it is another 550 kms or so to Columbia Bridge where we cross into the USA.  Its hard not to take pictures of the awesome flowers on the trees here.  It is spring alright!! 

We got all parked up and went for supper and then retired for the night.  Another big day tomorrow as we push on to the US border.   Goodnight!!

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  1. That might have been a slough but it sure made for a pretty sunrise, and I love the mock up police cars :-)


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