Saturday 23 April 2022

A Virtual Wedding Social

WHERE ARE WE? Victora City RV Park, Victoria, Texas

Today is our last day of relaxing before heading north.  We always say we are going to take it easy on our trip home and just do a couple hundred KMs a day, however when the time comes to head north, we tend to up the ante and travel 5 or 600 kms a day.  Tomorrow will be no different because we have a 585 km day planned.   So today was a rest and relax day.  The girls went up town and got haircuts and I stayed home and did some emails and trip planning.  When they got back Lessie and Sue got busy doing some Cricut stuff on some coffee cups for Ed and Lessie.  Ed likes coffee and Lessie likes tea.

Archie wasn't interested in the coffee cup making but rather hid under his bed for a quick nap.

After supper we had a new experience.  A Virtual Wedding Social!!  It is a new way to do a social without having the people actually there.  We have found ways to do a lot of things without any human contact.  It worked well for us, because we would not have been home to go to their social, so this way we got to attend.

Jeremy and KT had a bunch of prizes donated to their social and tonight they drew the winners of all of the prizes on Facebook Live.  KT would click on the spinning wheel which had everyone's name on it and the computer would spin and stop on someone's name.  They then won the prize that was up for grabs.   Sue and I won a float therapy thingy!!!  May have to try this out!!

It wasn't long and the sun was going down.  I need a good sleep tonight, so I am ready for the next week of travelling.  Goodnight!!!


  1. Cute mugs :) Safe travels home. It's a raging blizzard here in Pipestone

  2. The wedding social is an interesting concept. Never heard of it before. Safe travels home! Sorry we missed you this spring, we thought we might see you along your northern trek but we will be too far west.

  3. So glad you guys were able to tune in. We can’t wait to come visit you to catch up

  4. Safe travels, still a few cool days here in Ontario this week before temps will improve. No need to rush.

  5. Our weather is still up and down while the Prairies are white.
    Take your time and Enjoy a Safe trip home.

    It's about time.


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