Sunday, 3 April 2022

Oh No! Guess Who is Getting Shots Now!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Well what goes around, comes around.  Today we headed to the Dr. in Los Ayala for Sue's 3rd shot for her pneumonia.  Sue is feeling much better today so its all working it seems.  Well I had a rough night last night with lots of tight coughing and now runny nose and tight sinus.  Sue said she will mention it to the Dr.  I said "don't you dare!!"  Well here we are getting ready for my first needle in the bum.  Like I said yesterday, there is no modesty around this office.  Notice the door is wide open for the world to see. lol  Ok Ok ladies, I'm taken!  Sorry but I had to include this!!!

The Dr did an external exam and said it could be the start of pneumonia for me also, so with my heart condition he said lets treat this right now so there are no problems.  He set out prescribing me the same thing that Sue is on, and 6 hours later I am feeling much better.  I love his Dr. kit on the desk.  I think he makes house calls.

If you around the area and need a Dr. Miguel Fernandez is your guy.  I'm not sure of his hours but he was open today which was Sunday!!!

So we had to go for lunch again today so we decided on La Penita which is actually in Guayabitos.  Lots of people there but we were not really overly impressed.  And todays bill was almost 600 pesos, which is still great for 4 people, but more than yesterday with less quality of food.

Kenia had some raw shrimp thingy which actually tasted quite good.  I had a kids fish dinner which was quite tasteless.  Oh well it still gets good reviews so maybe it just isn't my cup of tea!!!

It is a great place to take some pictures of the bay in Guayabitos.  The red hotel is what got us started coming to this area back in our working days when we used to come to the De Cameron All inclusive.  Some good memories there.  I remember our buddy Cam scaring everyone by carrying a sea snake around trying to keep everyone safe, meanwhile all the ladies were screaming!!  lol  There are a couple sailboats moored for the night here.  

And a quick stop at Coppel to get some things for Oscar before we leave. He was promised new basketball shoes when we first got to La Penita, so today was the day he got them.  

He also got some new clothes to go with the shoes.  He is such a handsome lad.  He was smiling like nobody's business when we dropped him off at El Cafecito and about 2 hours later, he showed up at our Motorhome to model the new stuff!!

Abuela Tina and her sister stopped by to say goodbye to us before we leave on Tuesday.  We had a nice visit and when we walked them out to the beach on their way home, I stopped to get a picture of the pool and ocean in the background.  We had missed the sunset tonight but I'm betting you have witnessed enough of them.  That was it for us today.  Hopefully we keep feeling better!!!  Good night!


  1. Nice tan line!!! Glad you guys are on your way home

  2. Glad you both are on the mend..
    Safe Travels


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